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5 Trends To Watch Out On 2018

“Five technology trends to keep to watch out for in 2018.“

Manfred Macx and the Problem of Information Overload

I have always been fascinated with the technology concepts presented on Charles Stross book Accelerando, artificial cats, downloads of consciousness, nanotechnology, etc. but of all of them one got my particular attention; Manfred Marcx glasses.

We are consuming data the wrong way

We are essential using the same technology as it was invented 30 years ago, when the few websites where just black text and a white background. Sure, we have css5, html5, javascript, server side languages, etc.

Stop Disrupting Everything

The term disrupt is nothing more than the last on a long list of buzzwords that poison the start up scene.

More than human

In the last couple years, we have seen the emergence of new and exciting technologies aimed towards closing the gap between man and machine