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Ethereum Zero to Hero: Developing Our First Contract

Developing a basic contact using Ethereum

Ethereum Zero to Hero: Setting a Development Environment

Setting up the a basic private test network for Ethereum development

Ethereum Zero to Hero: Introduction

An introduction to Ethereum Development

5 Trends To Watch Out On 2018

“Five technology trends to keep to watch out for in 2018.“

You Should Learn Functional Programming in 2017

Functional programming is making a big comeback and here is why developers should make their mission for 2017 to learn a functional language

Neural Networks Without a PhD: Topologies

A series focused on presenting Neural Networks and the related concepts in layman's terms, that is to say without specialized knowledge in math or machine learning.

Vim Is The Perfect IDE

I've have tried Atom, SublimeText, TextMate, Eclipse, Visual Studio, and most of the Jetbrains products, I'm constantly tweaking and looking for a better setup, however Vim always feels like home to me; and I'm to the point now where I rarely use IDEs – exception being messy and complex projects where IDEs can do a lot of heavily lifting (yes, Magento I'm talking about you.)

Neural Networks Without a PhD: Components of a Neural Network

A series focused on presenting Neural Networks and the related concepts in layman's terms, that is to say without specialized knowledge in math or machine learning.

Neural Networks Without a PhD: Introduction

A series focused on presenting Neural Networks and the related concepts in layman's terms, that is to say without specialized knowledge in math or machine learning.

Machine Learning: A Simple Neural Network

A simple neural network implementation in python with numpy

Functional Programming: The Paradigm for the Next Generation

Functional programming is often treated as the fad of hipster mustachioed programmers, and more often is dismissed without much consideration

TDD is not Dead

TDD is not dead, not really. And it won't really ever be dead, it will change or be replaced with something better; in fact it already has, and in my MagentoTDD book we focus on Behavior Driven Development, an approach that emerged from the original TDD methodology.

On Encrypting Magento Extensions

Should Magento Connect Allow encrypted extensions

Git Tips and Tricks

Useful collection of git tips and tricks

Getting Started With Magento and Docker for Development

Setting up a Magento development Environment with docker

Design Patterns in PHP: Adapters

The adapter pattern also referred as the wrapper pattern, I find that wrapper is a more fitting name since it describes clearly what this pattern does; it encapsulates the functionality of a class or object into a class with a common public interfaces.

WTF are: Service Contracts (Magento 2 Edition)

The Service layer allows modules to provide a well-defined public API and effectively hiding the business logic and preserving data integrity.

The Async Software Development Manifesto Revised

The Async Software Development Manifesto has been making the rounds on sites like HackerNews and /r/programming; and while I dont agree entirely with all that is proposed, some of the points made by the author made so much sense that I felt motivated to break them down and make some contributions of my own.

Exploring Hack: Building a MicroFramework

So to get started I've decided to build a micro-framework using HACK and HHVM, building a simple microframework should be a challenging enough task to illustrate some of the more interesting features of the language and at the same time it has an achievable goal so we don't end on a never ending development cycle.

Swiss Army Knife Syndrome

A tool with so many features and implements that ends up being completely useless, in my experience the same problem can apply to software; more often than not as developers we will try to include a feature or a piece of code

Flexible PHP Development with PHPFarm

Learn how to use PHPFarm to create flexible development environments that can run multiple php versions side by side

Is HHVM/Hack the new face of PHP?

HHVM could change (is already at some extent) the way developers see and think about PHP performance, and how PHP should work. Even if you don't care and never plan to use HHVM or HACK in any of your projects the mere fact that they exist is a good thing for the PHP community.

Working with Psysh

I previously mentioned Boris, a terrific REPL for PHP, and while Boris is a great and functional REPL, is not the only available

HHVM In The Wild

HHVM is taking the PHP world by storm, and as PHP developer there many things to be excited about HHVM.

Exploring Traits

Traits are a mechanism for code reuse in single inheritance languages such as PHP. A Trait is intended to reduce some limitations of single inheritance by enabling a developer to reuse sets of methods freely in several independent classes living in different class hierarchies. The semantics of the combination of Traits and classes is defined in a way which reduces complexity, and avoids the typical problems associated with multiple inheritance and Mixins.

Laravel Learning Resources

Collection of resources for learning Laravel

Boris The Missing PHP REPL

REPL(read-eval-print loop) can be great tools for quickly testing concepts, experimenting and getting quick feedback when learning a new language. Many languages and frameworks provide some sort of REPL like the rails console or laravel's artisan tinker.

Magento Online Hackathon 2014

This past weekend the Magento Community hosted the first Magento Online Hackathon, here is a quick recap of my experience.

Magento and HHVM

If you are developer or system administrator working with Magento running one or more medium sized stores, chances are that you are familiar with the many challenges of optimizing and scaling Magento.

Design Patterns in PHP: Singletons

The singleton pattern is useful when we need to make sure we only have a single instance of a class for the entire request lifecycle in a web application. This typically occurs when we have global objects (such as a Configuration class) or a shared resource (such as an event queue).

Design Patterns in PHP: Using Factories

The factory pattern is a class that has some methods that create objects for you. Instead of using new directly, you use the factory class to create objects. That way, if you want to change the types of objects created, you can change just the factory. All the code that uses the factory changes automatically.

Playing with dependency injection in PHP

Dependency Injection is a software design pattern that allows avoiding hard-coding dependencies and makes possible to change the dependencies both at runtime and compile time.

Technical Debt

Technical Debt, chances are that you as developer have heard that term at least once before; but ask yourself do you really understand technical debt and when is appropriate to use it.

We are consuming data the wrong way

We are essential using the same technology as it was invented 30 years ago, when the few websites where just black text and a white background. Sure, we have css5, html5, javascript, server side languages, etc.

5 Rules for Writing Great Commits

One of the most underestimated skills that a developer can have is the ability to make well documented, clean commits. Writing good commits can save everyone involved in project tremendous amounts of time, money and effort

First steps on HHVM

Currently a few applications are fully supported like wordpress and drupal; more complex applications like Magento are still not 100% with HHVM due to bugs in the HHVM implementation.

An Introduction to HHVM

In early 2008 Facebook began working on **HipHop**(now HPHP), a PHP execution engine; its original motivation was to convert Facebook massive PHP code base into C++ in order to save resources and increase the application performance. The original release was known as HPHPc a **PHP** to **C++** compiler.