What to watch this week, the Magento Fireside Chats on testing. On this series of hangouts Magento developers come together to discuss their different approaches to testing, covering a variety of tools like Selenium, PHPUnit, PHPSpec, Menta and more.

Episode List

Episode 1: In this episode Vinai Kopp will show how to mock objects in your test cases and Fabrizio Branca will give an introduction into Selenium testing with Menta.

Episode 2: In this episode Allan MacGregor and James Cowie will tell us about MageTest suite, BehatMage and MageSpec.

Episode 3: In this episode Max Pronko will talk about the Magento Testing Framework (MTF) and Lee Saferite will show us how to write unit tests with fixtures using EcomDev_Phpunit.

Episode 4: In this episode David Robinson will show us how to work with the advanced screenshot features of the Menta Selenium Testing Framework and Bastian Ike how to use Jenkins’ multi-configuration job to test Magento modules with multiple Magento versions.