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Exploring Hack: Building a MicroFramework

As a full-time Magento Developer I deal with a very specific kind of PHP every single day; this can at time get rather boring since rarely one can apply new technologies or programming concepts. One of the new languages that keeps grabbing my attention is HACK, which is almost identical to PHP in terms of syntax but at the same time implements some of the more attractive features from statically typed languages.

Swiss Army Knife Syndrome

Software needs to be as clean and as simple as it can practically be. To follow the knife analogy, good code should be like a chef's knife. A chef's knife has a clear and defined set of uses. A professional chef will use the right kind of knife for the job. This is how we should think about our code.

Flexible PHP Development with PHPFarm

If you have been working with PHP for a while, chances are that you have come across with a project, extension or script that requires to be tested on multiple PHP versions, for simple CLI scripts this seems easy enough but what happens when you are working with complex applications, developing for frameworks or multiple versions of them ?

Is HHVM/Hack the new face of PHP?

HHVM has been generating a lot of buzz and excitement in the PHP world recently and if you haven't heard about HHVM yet you should check my first two posts about it.

Working with Psysh

Psysh is actually more than a simple REPL it's also an interactive debugger; which means you can say goodbye to the endless barrage of var_dump() and die() statements.

Hello Hack

Recently Facebook unveiled Hack, a new programming language that aims to provide developers with the tools to write and ship code quickly while catching errors on the fly.

HHVM In The Wild

HHVM is taking the PHP world by storm, and as PHP developer there many things to be excited about HHVM.

The following list shows how developers are using HHVM in the real world in very different scenarios.

Exploring Traits

Although PHP5.4(and Traits) has been around since early 2012, a lot of php developers might not be familiar with the concept and power behind Traits; In this article I want to explore traits, their usage, advantages and disadvantages.

Laravel Learning Resources

For the last couple of months I been working with Laravel and learning a lot, here are some of my favorite resources:

Boris The Missing PHP REPL

REPL(read-eval-print loop) can be great tools for quickly testing concepts, experimenting and getting quick feedback when learning a new language. Many languages and frameworks provide some sort of REPL like the rails console or laravel's artisan tinker.