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Design Patterns in PHP Using Factories

The factory pattern is a class that has some methods that create objects for you. Instead of using new directly, you use the factory class to create objects. That way, if you want to change the types of objects created, you can change just the factory. All the code that uses the factory changes automatically. Continue

Published May 8, 2014

Design Patterns in PHP: Adapters

The adapter pattern also referred as the wrapper pattern, I find that wrapper is a more fitting name since it describes clearly what this pattern does; it encapsulates the functionality of a class or object into a class with a common public interfaces. Read More

WTF are: Service Contracts (Magento 2 Edition)

Now that Magento2 beta has been officially released, you are probably wondering what the hell are Service Contracts and more importantly why the hell do you need them. Read More

Watch: We Strongly Recommend You Write Best Practices

What to watch this week, Lauren Rother from PuppetLabs give us their best practices to write best practices. A great set of recommendations for writing and mantaining your best practice documentation. Read More

The Async Software Development Manifesto Revised

The ‘Async Software Development Manifesto’ has been making the rounds on sites like HackerNews and /r/programming; and while I don’t agree entirely with all that is proposed, some of the points made by the author made so much sense that I felt motivated to break them down and make some contributions of my own. Read More

Watch: Funny Tech Support

What to watch this week, Let’s have a laugh watching Wes Borg and his fanstatic routine on the perils of tech support. Read More

Watch: The Myth of the Genius Programmer

What to watch this week, In this week video Brian Fitzpatrick and Ben Collins-sussman talk about the pervasive myth of the uber-programmer the know it all genius; why everyone secretly wants to be considerad a genius and how this can affect the collaboration and behavior. Read More

Watch: What is Docker?

What to watch this week, Solomon Hykes explains the docker platform and how it can help developers to build and deploy apps more easily. Great for those that want to understand more about the docker platform. Read More

Watch: Magento Fireside Chats on Testing

What to watch this week, the Magento Fireside Chats on testing. On this series of hangouts Magento developers come together to discuss their different approaches to testing, covering a variety of tools like Selenium, PHPUnit, PHPSpec, Menta and more. Read More

Watch: How to Build a Framework

What to watch this week, an amazing talk by Max Lynch from Ionic, where we recalls his experiences while creating the Ionic framework. Great Insights for anyone looking to start an open source project regardless if is a framework or not. Read More

Exploring Hack: Building a MicroFramework

As a full-time Magento Developer I deal with a very specific kind of PHP every single day; this can at time get rather boring since rarely one can apply new technologies or programming concepts. One of the new languages that keeps grabbing my attention is HACK, which is almost identical to PHP in terms of syntax but at the same time implements some of the more attractive features from statically typed languages. Read More